At Triangles, we:

make learning effective
use simple and focused methods
offer strategies students need to do well in both exam and non-exam based settings
specialize in English, Mathematics and Science at the primary and secondary levels
prepare students for examinations: IGCSE, GCE, IB and HKALE
employ trained doctoral and master degree holders with years of teaching experience
specially design our materials to ensure that learning occurs
track students' progress and give quality feedback


We help students:

who want to achieve native proficiency levels in English
who want to achieve high standards in Mathematics and Science
who need to cope with the demands of schooling or fill in the gaps in schooling
who want to move ahead of the school curricula or extend their learning potential

We taking into account their needs and abilities.

We work with:

to ensure that learners progress, and develop using a variety of methods in teaching and learning.

Our values are to:





In September 2009, Ms Tan started helping me in math again. She taught me in a very clear and straightforward way. She was helping me to prepare for the IGCSE, Mathematics paper (extended). Although I am just twelve years old, I am confident that I can achieve an A Grade for IGCSE.

- CY Lau from The ISF Academy

去年九月,我在TRIANGLES再次跟Ms Tan學習數學,只花了一個多月,她便把IGCSE考試所需要學習的內容,全部清晰明白地教曉了我,雖然我只有十二歲,但卻在十月底的考試中,取得優等(A)成績。更重要的是,Ms Tan是一位正直真誠,負責認真的老師,她是我做人的模範。
- 劉暢然(弘立書院)



"It only took Ms. Tan half a year to help me from getting a 5 for science in Yr 7 to a 7 in the second term. This 7 has accompanied me since then. Ms. Tan is that great."

–Lisa Chan from Year 12 CIS



Triangles is brilliant. There is so much to learn, my knowledge has increased twofold.

- Marcus Tse from The ISF Academy



I want my friends to come here and learn as well.
- Jansen Tse from The ISF Academy